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Established in 1948
The Only Miso Maker in Jinsekikogen Town, Hiroshima Prefecture

Shinryu Miso

Safe - Secure - Additive-free

Handmade with Carefully Selected Ingredients

Miso is a food product made by fermenting rice koji (malt) together with soybeans, barley, salt, and water.

Nearly all of the miso-making processes at Shinryu Miso are still performed by hand.

Only about 1% of miso makers in Japan still use the three traditional techniques of futa-koji (shallow wooden trays for koji) method, wooden barrel fermentation, and natural aging.

Shinryu Miso pledges to use these ancient production methods for the next 200 to 300 years as we continue to produce delicious everyday miso products.



Thank you for visiting the Shinryu Miso website. We would like to inform you about our business and product sales.

Currently, we would like to concentrate on making koji, so we do not offer retail sales, brewery tours, tastings, or other storefront operations.

Our products can be purchased at the Sanwa 182 Station Roadside Station, Fukuyama City JA "Fukufukuichi", EVERY Co., Ltd. online shop , and Shinryu Miso online shop (pre-order sales are suspended from July to December due to the maturation period).

We kindly ask for your understanding.


Sales and Introduction

It has been


Spread the charm of Setouchi products throughout Japan, learn about the producers' passion, and pass on traditional manufacturing methods to the next generation.

​Commitment to Making the Finest Miso

Ingredients we use as Shinryu Miso include rice produced in Hiroshima Prefecture, and soybeans, wheat, and salt produced in Japan. ​​​

All our products are free of additives and chemical seasonings.

Our traditional production methods allow you to taste the natural flavor of the rice malt and other ingredients.

Soy sauce Rice Malt

神石高原町の雲海 神龍味噌

Naturally Aged Miso

Only Possible in this Region

Founded in 1948, Shinryu Miso is located in Jinsekikogen Town, Jinseki County in the east of Hiroshima Prefecture. We are located among high mountains of 400 to 700 meters in a region characterized by cool summers and cold winters. A fantastic sea of clouds can be seen when the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime is greater in the autumn when our miso of the year is ready to eat.

Our miso is made using traditional production methods in this region blessed with abundant nature.  

木桶仕込み 神龍味噌

Preserving and Passing on Traditions for the Next 100 to 200 Years

Shinryu Miso is made by hand using ancient traditional production methods. No more than 1% of all miso makers in Japan still use the three traditional production methods of "futa-koji method, wooden barrel fermentation, and natural aging" making miso made according to these methods quite rare.

When Shinryu Miso second-generation master miso maker grew old and was almost forced to close the business with no successor, the current third-generation master miso-makers took over due to being so deeply impressed by the miso-making process that they themselves had mastered without the use of machinery. We consider it an important mission to pass on these traditional miso-making methods that support Japan's rich food culture.

木桶仕込み 神龍味噌

The Secret of Deliciousness

Futa-koji Method


Wooden Barrel Fermentation


Natural Aging


蓋糀法 神龍味噌

Futa-koji Method

Rice malt ("koji") is made by propagating rice malt bacteria on steamed rice.

Rice malt, which has a beautiful white color and is fluffy like fluffy wool, contains a large amount of enzymes that activate the fermentation process of food products.

The enzymatic activity of the rice malt is important for the long aging process that extends through the rainy season and summer. Instead of relying on machines, the master miso maker makes the rice malt by hand as if speaking individually to each grain of rice. Even working in a hot and humid room of some 40℃ with humidity of 80%, we put our heart and soul into the miso as if caring for a nursery of infants.

Click here for raw malt products

Wooden Barrel Fermentation

Wooden barrels are used to ferment and age the miso.
The oldest wooden barrels at Shinryu Miso are more than 150 years old.
Fermentation is powered by microorganisms such that those present in the local environment create an ecosystem unique to that miso-making location.
This is the key to the unique and delicious taste that can only be produced by the wooden barrel brewing process perfected over a hundred years of experience.

木桶仕込み 神龍味噌
自然熟成 神龍味噌

Natural Aging

Natural aging is a method of aging miso without use of heat. We do not use any additives or chemical seasonings for this reason. It takes time to age naturally in our local environment. 

The wooden barrels are filled to the brim with miso, and then fermented and aged in the climate of Jinsekikogen Town. Aging through the rainy season and summer, the year's miso is finally sold in the midst of autumn.

The patient efforts of Shinryu Miso result in a truly unique "once-in-a-lifetime miso" nurtured by time and climate.

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Recruitment  Distributors

Shinryu Miso is seeking distributors for our products.

Our miso and rice malt products are manufactured and sold on our own website.

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