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Job Information

As a member of Shenron Miso

We are looking for people who can work! ! !

If you are interested in making miso, let's do our best together! ?

If you are interested, please let us know from the application form.

~Application Requirements~

Those who can work on weekdays and holidays!

Time is negotiable, butWe will be working from 8:00 to 17:00!


Recruitment number of people: 3

〜Work content〜

Preparation of miso

Amazake, miso, salt koji filling

Koji management

Telephone correspondence


Sunday, Obon, New Year

*Sundays and Obon holidays

You may be asked to go to work! ! !

〜Hourly wage〜

900 yen - 1500 yen

We will give you the following preferential treatment

⭐︎ Powerful

⭐︎ Boiler class 2 holder

⭐︎Experience working at a food factory

⭐︎ Obedient! ! ! (Those who apologize immediately even if they fail!)

⭐︎ Those who are not bound by time

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